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The 8th - 09th September saw the 8th Annual 'Barn Party' take place at a unique countryside venue in Hockley (Essex) UK.



The Barn Party 2018

​08 September - 09 September 2018


'The Barn Party' aims to be 'different' & create a unique, boutique and intimate experience.

Event Time: From 13:00 |onwards

Lovedown Farm

Hockley | Essex



Event Info:


The 'Barn Party' started 7 years ago with just a handful of friends wanting to escape from London to the countryside, have some beers, braai (BBQ), listen to music and fall asleep around a fire pit under the stars…this quickly escalated into what it has become today, a small annual summer party on a farm in the English countryside for people who want to party with like minded people.


The event was held on Saturday 08 September 2018 into Sunday 09 September 2018 in collaboration with 10Hz Sound & Lighting.


When it gets dark the event moves inside to the barn for the main event - Progressive House/Deep House/Techno/90s.




The Barn - After Dark:


Line Up: 
Michael Hand  (Vinyl Set) 21:00-22:30

1MORE 23:00-00:30

JIMI FALCONER 12:30-01:30

HIGGINS 01:30-02:30

Jimi Falconer B2B Higgins 02:30-06:00


Powered by 10 Hz (Sound & Lighting)



Music Policy:


Daytime (Outside) - 80's | 90's - Deep & Melodic House & open decks.

Evening (The Barn) - 90's | Deep House | Progressive House | Techno 



Streaming Info:


LIVE stream by:
Plethora Muzik

The Barn Party 2018

Evening (The Barn)

Date: 08 - 09 September2018 

Live Stream from Jimi Falconer & Stuart Higgins

The Barn Party - Facebook Page
The Barn Party 2018

Evening (The Barn)

Date: 08 - 09 September2018 

Live Stream from Stuart Higgins & Jimi Falconer


The commitment of Plethora Muzik is to release high quality Deep Progressive House & Progressive Tech collaborations.