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Plethora Muzik

Digital | Deep Progressive House | Tech Imprint | Birmingham | UK

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Plethora Muzik - 'In Persistent Pursuit of Perfection' - delivering Deep Progressive House & Tech collaborations since 2017...

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Plethora IBZ 17

Beatport Exclusive Release Date: 01 July 2017

Other Stores Release Date: 15 July 2017

Plethora IBZ 17

​Label Launch | Release Launch | Live Album Recordings

One Label | One Island | 3 Venues | 3 Nights

(19 - 21 Julio| July 2017)

19 Julio | July '17

Viva Ibiza

Event Page | MIXMAG

20 Julio | July '17

Angelo Ibiza

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21 Julio | July '17

Tulipan Beach Cafe Ibiza

Event Page | MIXMAG

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Event Info:


Since the launch of the label in January 2017, continued and expanding support has come from many industry leading producers, dj's & ​profesionals alike.


July 2017 see's the label take to the 'White Isle' for their premier 'Label Launch Event' - 'Ibiza Release Launch' & Live Release Recording' events.


The three events will see the label capture the true essence of the island, whilst delivering their own musical interpretations at venues situated within the 'Westend' (Viva Ibiza) and 'Ibiza Old Town' (Angelo Ibiza) before undertaking the concluding sunset event (Tulipan Ibiza).


Event Contact | Enquiries


For all enquires (incl. Event, Release and Press Enquiries) please contact us at: [email protected] or via the Contact Page.


Release Info:


Plethora IBZ 17 - Cat No. # PMK017

​(Beatport Exclusive Release Date: 01 July 2017 | General Release Date: 15 July 2017)


The exclusive 'Plethora IBZ 17' compilation showcases a deep progressive composition of tracks released on the label during 2017.
These are further enhanced with additional unreleased and album exclusive interpretations from the label's new, established and up & coming producers.

The aim of 'Plethora IBZ 17' is to capture the essence of the 2017 season, taking the listener on a voyage of total captivation. The tracks encompass luscious deep soundscapes through to expansive dance floor derivatives.

Plethora IBZ 17 - Beatport Link
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Plethora IBZ 17 (PMK017)