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Plethora Muzik

Digital | Deep Progressive House | Tech Imprint | Birmingham | UK

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Plethora Muzik - 'In Persistent Pursuit of Perfection' - delivering Deep Progressive House & Tech collaborations since 2017...

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If you are forwarding any demos to us - please send them to: [email protected]

Please note: We ONLY accept MP3 or WAV formats via Soundcloud, WeTransfer and Dropbox links.

(No other formats will be considered).


We commit to listening to all demos/tracks sent and aim to contact you back within 3 working days.

Please ensure that a current email address is detailed with any submissions.





Track Pre-Master Requirements:

Please note:

All our tracks/releases are professionally mastered and we only accept fully completed tracks.

It is essential that ALL track files sent to the label for mastering:

  •      Are uncompressed -6db WAV files (We do NOT accept .rar files)
  •      Have all limiters removed
  •      The waveform DOES NOT CLIP at any point during the track above the -6db threshold


Files to be mastered will only be accepted by the label if they are sent via 'WeTransfer' or 'Dropbox' links ONLY!!!

We do not accept any other file transfer methods


Please note:

Tracks sent above -6db threshold will NOT be accepted or submitted for mastering as this compromises our standard & quality.












                       The track waveform is -1 db 0db maximum peak.       The track waveform is -4db -6db maximum peak.

                       There is not sufficient headroom for mastering      There is sufficient headroom for mastering correctly

                                                             correctly.                                          (Please Note: -6db maximum peak is the labels  
                                                                                                                                  prefered standrard for mastering).



We no longer accept submissions sent via Social Media Message Platforms. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.


All track submissions MUST be sent to: [email protected] and be accompanied with a release submission pack.


To request a 'Release Submission Pack' please contact us at: [email protected] or download a copy here -           'Release Submission Pack Download'


All tracks sent to the label for mastering will be returned to the artist fully mastered within 7-10 working days.





Remix/Stem Pack Requirements & Submission

The details listed below are requirements to be completed for a requested remix/stem pack.

Please ensure that the remix pack contains stem files in WAV format ONLY!!! (Unless otherwise stated)


  •      4 Bar loop (only) of the individual channels used
  •      Turn off any compressors & limiters
  •      Include full length of audio if a continuous automation
  •      Name the channels (Clap, Snare, Synth etc.)
  •      Name any pluggins used (if any)
  •      Include a full length mp3 version of the track within the remix pack


All 'Remix/Stem Pack Submissions' MUST be sent to: [email protected] 

If you have any further questions regarding pre-master track submission or remix/stem pack requirements please contact us at: [email protected]



Many thanks for your co-operation


Plethora Muzik

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