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Digital | Deep Progressive House | Tech Imprint | Birmingham | UK

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Plethora Muzik - 'In Persistent Pursuit of Perfection' - delivering Deep Progressive House & Tech collaborations since 2017...

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The monthly show will deliver exclusive high quality deep Progressive House & Progressive Tech releases from established and upcoming producers & labels alike from the UK, Europe & ROW

Plethora Muzik

​Monthly Radioshow | Guest Mix | DNA Radio FM

New Scheduled timeslot  - every 1st Monday (Monthly) from 20:00 - 21:00 (ART) | 00:00 - 01:00 (GMT)



001 - Exclusive Guest Mix | Pete Bidwell | 01 October 2018

Plethora Muzik - radioshow will be compiled & mixed by Pete Bidwell (circle. Ibiza) who has his debut guest mix with Plethora Muzik on DNA Radio FM. The guest mix will deliver exclusive unreleased & released tracks from labels & producers Worldwide.


















About Pete Bidwell

With a weekly radio show since 2012 and residencies in Ibiza, playing his eclectic mix of Balearic, Chill Out, House and
Techno, it's not often you find a DJ who can keep you dancing from sunset to sunrise. Pete Bidwell fits that bill. After the success of his weekly radio show which is at almost 200 episodes, Pete will be joining the team at Frisky Radio for a
monthly show from October 2018!

A successful summer 2018 saw Pete at the opening of Ibiza Rocks Bar, he landed a weekly residency at the legendary
Hotel MiM Ibiza Es Vivé, alongside regular pop up events and a monthly rooftop session at OD Ocean Drive with his
circle. Ibiza roster of DJs, also booking headline artists from prolific labels such as Bedrock Records, Circus Recordings
and Vicious Recordings.


Starting 2018 Pete signed for 2 years to Probtech Global DJ & Artist Management where he will be focusing on production and growing further his artist side and profile with exclusive guest spots on radio shows based across the globe from Argentina, Austria, Spain, US and UK for stations including Data Transmission, DI.FM and Soundportal. As well as a live broadcast from LOCA FM Ibiza and a featured artist spot for Proton Radio.


2017 saw Pete with a guest spot on Hoxton FM and featured on an episode of HappyTech TV, also a mix album on
ICONYC released in March of 2017, a successful date in Leeds, UK with circle. Ibiza on tour including showcasing the
brand in Ibiza at pop up events.


In 2016 Pete focused hard on his brand 'circle.'. circle. and circle. Ibiza, the names of his weekly syndicated radio show
and a concert tour, which started out in Ibiza, the Winter of 2016, became his purpose in life, working hard on a daily basis to put his own stamp on electronic music.


2015 saw Pete hit the studio to focus more on the production side of things and he played regularly for Grupo Mambo at
La Cava and Villa Mercedes as well as iconic sunset sessions at Hostel La Torre, Mint & Sushi Mambo.


Summer 2014, saw Pete land a weekly residency at Café Mambo and as well as his daily schedule at Savannah & his
sunset to midnight sets at Sushi Mambo, along with regular Savannah Back Room parties with his ‘circle.’ residents, it was an excellent season in Ibiza.

From his first-ever set at a party he organised in a barn in Norfolk, UK, back in 2002 (that the locals still rave about),
Pete's been hooked and has been playing for crowds around the globe since, from Heaven, Ministry of Sound & Pacha in
his home town of London to gigs in Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Spain & Sweden in Europe as well as
venues in Australia.


A beach boy from Cornwall through and through, Pete's residencies in Ibiza have enabled him to play warm up sets for
major artists, most recently Luke Brancaccio and Nick Muir as well as Mark Knight, Kaiser Disco, Sidney Charles,
Audiofly, Guti, Enzo Siragusa & tINI. Pete’s also worked for promoters such as Lock n Load events & The Gallery in

Pete doesn’t like sticking to just one genre of music. He believes that good DJs should be able to play anywhere and Pete
does just that, he’s just as comfortable playing at a friend's wedding, a sunset in Ibiza, at a rooftop party or even in a club.

Pete’s also all about doing things differently. He stays versatile as a DJ by learning new skills and by using different
formats and equipment from Vinyl to Digital. Armed with a laptop loaded with software and using MIDI controllers as well as a traditional DJ set up, Pete has carved a sound and live sets to be admired.

"When people ask me what style of music I play, I simply reply ‘just good music’, I love what I do and focus all of my
energy, heart and soul into every show."

More upcoming European and UK dates and news coming soon… Stay tuned on social media and the web!



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Show Info:

The monthly 'Plethora Muzik' show is compiled & mixed by Pete Bidwell and will be broadcast on 01 October 2018 from 20:00 - 21:00 (ART) | 00:00 - 01:00 (GMT) on 'DNA Radio FM'.


Plethora Muzik - radioshow will be compiled & mixed by Pete Bidwell (circle. Ibiza) who has his debut guest mix with Plethora Muzik on DNA Radio FM. The guest mix will deliver exclusive unreleased & released tracks from labels & producers Worldwide.



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Plethora Muzik 001

Exclusive Date: 01 October 2018

Listen on 'Mixcloud'.

Plethora Muzik 001

Exclusive Date: 01 October 2018

Listen on 'Soundcloud'.

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